Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cricut Library

Our next door neighbor is a teacher and today we were talking and I found out she also has a Cricut but only has 8 cartridges. She asked how many I had and I said I didn't know. So she came over later to see what carts I had and decided that since I have 54 cartridges (she counted them, I didn't want to know! LOL) that my house was now going to be known as the Cricut Library :) She checked out 2 cartridges (borrowed) and will return them within a week. Of course, I will want to use those carts in the next day or 2 since I don't have them!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bird in Cages

Bought the cutouts on Ebay and got out my copic markers and ink pads out and started playing. This is what I came up with. Amazing how changing the color can change the whole look.

my new ride

I'm about a month late celebrating this but I am still just as excited......about my new Harley!!! I can't believe it. We went for a ride again on Friday and I just couldn't stop smiling :) I LOVE IT!!