Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disney Trip report

Arrived on Thursday night to the Hilton Disney Resort - beautiful hotel with buses running to and from all Disney parks every 1/2 hour or so included in your room rate. We walk in the hotel and as we are checking in, we find out it is RICHARD HATCH from Battlestar Galactica checking in in front of us - apparently there is a small SciFy convention scheduled at the hotel this weekend! YAY! So Katherine and I get our pics taken w Richard Hatch!!! Of course we had to ask him for a pic....

So we get settled into our room - we were upgraded to a Jr Suite and they brought us a fridge :) and were ready for the next day....

Which was MAGIC KINGDOM!!!! I love MK!!! We had a great day at the park - there was rain off and on most of the day but it was just a light sprinkle/slight drizzle so it wasn't bad, didn't break out the rain ponchos til about 4pm and the park traffic was slow.  Michael (Katherine's 6 yr old grandson) had a fabulous time and even rode Space Mountain twice!

Michael loved everything until the parade - he wasn't a big fan of it since the characters wanted us to dance with them.  The park closed at 7 to the public for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party - our tickets werent til Sunday so it was back to the hotel for hot dog dinners and this....

AHHHHH! Perfect end to the day!


Headed to Hollywood Studios - had a wonderful time! We loved the StarWars ride, Tower of Terror and Aerosmith Coaster (didn't do ToyStory because of the 80 minute line). My Disney favorite has ALWAYS been the Teacup Ride until we saw Fantasmic - I have a new favorite!!! I ♥ it!!!

We got back to the hotel that night and I left Kathrine and Michael in the room and headed to the hot tub where I spent 2 hours laughing at (or maybe it was WITH) the Trekkies....they were hilariously obsessed with several different sci-fy shows - several of which I had never heard). It reminded me of and old SNL episode where William Shatner was making fun of of the groupies - they really were a bit out there. I guess the dudes who play on the newer Star Trek - Picard and Ryker were there but I hadn't seen them - probably hiding from the strange groupies!!!


I slept in and let Katherine take Michael to Epcot by herself (sorry, I'm not used to 24/7 w small children who are not related and I needed a break!!!!) I slept late (til 11), had a lazy brunch and hit the pool for an hour before they came back. Then we got ready to go to Magic Kingdom for our Not So Scary Halloween Party - which was FUN FUN FUN!!!! We didn't do much trick or treating, watched the Villians show, saw the parade and fireworks, wandered through the park and road the Pirates of the Caribean ride a few times. Michael started the day as a young Harry Potter but his grandma bought him a Jack Sparrow outfit so he changed costumes mid-stream. We did wait in line for about an hour for pictures of Jack Sparrow and rode the magic carpet ride, saw Aladin and Abou and tons of characters!

Pouring down rain so we stayed in for the morning, Katherine and Michael went back to Hollywood Studios late in the afternoon when the rain cleared,while I lounged in the hot tub and packed, we were getting picked up at 7:45 the next morning so I enjoyed my own kind of vacation the last day in Orlando.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disney Cards

Been busy with the Mickey Mouse cart this week - maybe trying to get myself pumped up for our Disney trip?? Who knows??? All I know is I have Mickey and Co on the brain.

I am going to tell you a sweet little story.....Katherine is on the phone w her 6 yr old grandson, Michael. Michael is expressing his concerns that he is going to miss trick-or -treat because we will be at Disney over halloween. Katherine reassured him that we would be going to a party at the Magic Kingdom for halloween. She swears she heard his eyes get bigger over the phone!!! He yells to his mom "MOM!!!! Mickey Mouse invited ME to a halloween party!!!!"

So, Katherine calls me (sounding in a bit of a panic!) and tells me the story....and asks me if I can use my crafting skills to make an actually invitation for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party :) WELL YEAH! I have an excuse to play!!!!!  Here is what I made:



So I have my Mickey Mouse cartridge out and decided to make a few more cards.

My mom LOVES Goofy, has for years and years so for her birthday I made her a Goofy card to go with her LimaBean Wreath....

Then I made my friend Katherine a Mickey card to tell her thank you for inviting me...

So now I am ready to go!! Have EARS, will TRAVEL! I am leaving in about an hour!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disney Anticipation!

One week from today (right now) I will be in Orlando, FL w my bestie - Katherine - and her grandson, Michael (this is his 6th b-day gift from his grandma). I have been blessed to be asked to accompany them on this trip. This will my 2nd trip to DisneyWorld - the last trip was when I visited this same friend when she was living in Florida a few years back.

I am super super super super excited! I love DisneyWorld!!! L♥VE L♥VE L♥VE it!!!
It was everything I thought it would be and more!!!!!

And, in advance, I want to thank Katherine and Micheal for allowing me to tag along and not getting embarrassed when I embrace my inner child and demand (while stomping my foot) to ride the TeaCup ride yet another time.

Poor Katherine, last trip she wanted to move on to Space Mountain and bigger rides, while I was perfectly content to ride the is a pic from our last trip :) TeaCup rides make me happy!!!!

NO! I don't want to get off!!!!!

Here is Katherine and I as we arrived to the Wonderful World of Disney

and since Katherine tolerated my obsession w the teacups I rode the dang "Its a small world" ride even though the little dolls creep me out!!!

OMG this ride goes on FOREVER and EVER and EVER....and the dolls STARE at you!!!

(see the creepy eyes???)

I have already been informed that I will be subjected to the small boring world for at least one time - she thinks that the poor kid needs to "experience" it - good thing he will be sleeping w her when he has the nightmares that night huh???

Wreath mood....

I'm not sure why I am in a "wreath mood" these days...everywhere I look I am noticing them, maybe its the holiday season coming, maybe its just a phase, who knows, all I know is I LOVE them! and I want to MAKE them. Just not sure what I am going to do with them after they are made, you can only hang one at a time on the front door. Ya Know???

So I finished up my 2nd Lima Bean wreath - this one is for my mom....someone (one of the kids - either the 17 yr old or the 21 yr old!!!!) TOUCHED the chrome paint on the "D" (like a 4 year old) and it totally ticked me off!!!

Here is moms - need to get it in the mail in the next few days...

Then I decided to make a tulle wreath for Christmas - I think I am going to cut some holiday die cuts on my Cricut and add them too it (but I honestly like it almost like it is right now).....

Then, I was playing on Pinterest and saw a fabric covered wreath w felt flowers and decided to make my own!

Here is the one I saw:

and here is MINE:

Since I will be re-doing Victoria's room pretty soon and turning it into my craft area, I was thinking of making it brown with pink accents and this would be perfect!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I have been up to...

Life has been CrAzY for the last few weeks, Birthdays, Anniversary, Hubby out of town, got my Imagine in the mail,  Trip to the Texas/OU game...and the rest of the month looks just about as busy!

Coming up: Taylor Swift concert this weekend (Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait - I am like on of her 14 yr old groupies! I have had these tickets since April!!!!)

Saturday Swarm in Norman (gonna be a blast!)

Dad is scheduled for surgery - triple angioplasty and not sure if he will need stents or not yet) - interesting that I am not the kid who is going to be with them during the procedure - I have been replaced by the now living closer daughter who doesn't speak to me (can you believe that ANYONE wouldn't like MOI???) ~this is probably a story for a later date...

and finally....drum roll please....a trip with one of my best friends to DISNEYWORLD!!!! We are taking her grandson on his first Disney experience for his 6th birthday (all I am paying for is my food and the ride to and from the airport, I have wonderful friends with lots of "points"!)

I think I am going to need the month of November off from all activity (except Thanksgiving) just to recuperate!

If you wonder what I have been doing here is some of it....

Dads birthday card:

Kens anniversary card

1st Imagine Card:

and now I am working on a lima bean wreath for my mom for her is the one I did for my own door....

wondering now if maybe I should blog more often and do one thing at a time.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not so sure about this Vinyl stuff

Why do I do this to myself?? I am always trying something that I saw somewhere (no matter how flipping technically difficult it is!!!). When am I going to learn that there are things that are above my skill level....

I decided to make a wedding gift for a dear friend who is getting married this Friday (She is on my FB but I KNOW she will be way too busy this week to check out my blog and see it prior to the wedding - and if she does see it at least she will know to make the appropriate "oh its beautEEful" face even if she doesn't like it). My son ~who is my biggest craft fan *maybe he isn't and just fakes it to make me feel better* really didn't like how it turned out, which I guess is why I am doubting myself...

I used my gypsy (hand held Cricut designer) to do the M and Morgan so it was spaced right and did another layer for the 1st names.

Vinyl is a pain in the bootie - hard to line up or get even on glass so the names are not as centered as I would like. Oh, and the red vinyl was the Silhouette adhesive vinyl which was about 50 times LESS sticky than the Cricut vinyl so I wasn't sure it was even going to stick!!! There are bubbles in the big M vinyl, which you can't see unless you look close.  But its together and this is what Andrea is getting. Going to be a while before I try another vinyl project! LOL

*calling BS on myself because now I just want to prefect this vinyl crapola! Sorry about the quality of the pic, its hard to get a picture of see through glass but I tried.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A big heart puzzle

You know how you see something in a magazine and think...I want to do that!!! Well I opened Scrapbooks Etc Sept edition and saw something I just wanted to I started punching little bitty hearts.....hundreds of them.....and cut a big heart using the George cartridge on my cricut. Then I started to glue them....and glued them....and glued them....

about the time I got that far I was friggin TIRED of this stupid heart puzzle...but I had to finish....

I thought it came out soooooo cute!!!!  I made it to fit in a 10 in by 10 in frame and was relieved to be done!   but then my BFF Redda decided she absolutely needed one in pink and zebra to match her room.....and for some stupid reason I have a problem telling Redda "No" it was back to the stupid heart punches!!!!

Reddas final results are even CUTER!!!

Summer in Paris cartridge

I love this cartridge, such neat stuff on it. I made the 3-d Eiffle Tower for a good friend...

and my niece loved it so much she asked me to make one for her (she went to Paris in May/June this year) so hers is black and pink

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I have been doing...

My friend asked me to make birthday invites for a princess party. She offered to pay but I'm just not about that, I craft because I enjoy it...

this is the inviation I came up with...

What she doesn't know is that boredom kicked in last night so I made something for her goodie bags, they turned out super cute!!!

(Just an FYI - she is combining 2 of her childrens b-days together and the other theme is "Cars" and since I didn't want the little one to feel left out, I made him some too.

after I finished those I was STILL bored so I made her daughter this:

Then I decided it was time for bed! LOL