Friday, September 9, 2011

A big heart puzzle

You know how you see something in a magazine and think...I want to do that!!! Well I opened Scrapbooks Etc Sept edition and saw something I just wanted to I started punching little bitty hearts.....hundreds of them.....and cut a big heart using the George cartridge on my cricut. Then I started to glue them....and glued them....and glued them....

about the time I got that far I was friggin TIRED of this stupid heart puzzle...but I had to finish....

I thought it came out soooooo cute!!!!  I made it to fit in a 10 in by 10 in frame and was relieved to be done!   but then my BFF Redda decided she absolutely needed one in pink and zebra to match her room.....and for some stupid reason I have a problem telling Redda "No" it was back to the stupid heart punches!!!!

Reddas final results are even CUTER!!!


  1. Wow, those are great! I'm sure Redda will love hers!

  2. Sooo cute! Love the zebra print with the pink!