Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't go into shock....

but I am working on a SCRAPBOOK!!!

I have decided to scrapbook Victoria's journey (from my side of things) into the US Navy. This is very difficult for me to do, I get emotional while I am journaling and have to step away for a little bit. But I think a few years from now I will be very glad that I did this while the feelings and thoughts are still fresh in my mind.

Please remember that I haven't scrapbooked before so this is an adventure for me....

Outside of the album. I found this on Oh My Crafts on sale for $5.00!!!
How could I NOT buy it???

I put her recruiter's business card in the pocket! LOL

I haven't done the opening page yet, I am waiting to get her pictures from bootcamp in her uniform.

Page 2/3

The journaling says "the card that took you away...." 

Page 4/5


Don't tell anyone at MEPS that I took a picture outside the "official" room!!!

I journaled about the swearing in ceremony. Victoria told the Lt doing the ceremony

that she was "adorable" and they both got the giggles.

Page 6/7

When we got home from MEPS I got an email saying that I had won a contest for the banner I made for Victoria's going away party. The prize was $150 credit at!!

And then the phone rang and Victoria was on the other end. I could tell she was on the verge of tears (and I know she was exhausted). The call lasted about 25 seconds, it was the "I'm here, I'm ok, I love you" call that recruits get when they arrive to bootcamp.  

Page 8/9

4 Days after Victoria left, her brother graduated. This was something she really wanted to be home for, she was SUPPOSED to be home for....

Page 10/11

Aunt Jenny (my sister) came all the way from Ohio to stay the week Victoria left, she was a big support to me, I was very grateful she was with me.

Page 12/13

 I printed and scrapped my blog post from the day I got her form letter so it will be there for her. It was a very emotional day.

Page 14/15

My "Kid in the box" was missing, Victoria had been gone for over 2 weeks and I was in panic mode because it wasn't here yet! Did someone steal my box off the porch??? I was looking for it in the mail every day!! Did she just throw all her stuff away???  One day, I happened to walk into Blake's room and there it sat, opened and rifled though (apparently he was looking for something she borrowed)...he is lucky to be alive! There were 3 notes to me stuffed in her jeans pockets, one from the hotel, one from the airport and one written on a napkin.

An fyi...the box is still sitting on a chair in my dining room,
I am just not ready to put it away yet...

Page 16/17

June 13th was Victoria's birthday, at that point she had been gone for 1 month. I went to dinner and made a wish for her...and cried some more....

This is as far as I have gotten....


  1. WOMAN you got some talent, looks beautiful and she will cherish it forever!!

    Jo Ann

  2. It's great! I know she won't think as much of it as you do right now but I can guarantee you that in a few years it's going to be a super treasure for her. My dad kept some photos, etc. of him and his Navy friends from WWII and treasured them and the memories they brought back.

  3. Carrie I love it! THis is wonderful and you will look back in a few years and be so glad that you did it. She will also love it. How funny she called the Lt. adorable. Hopefully everyone got a good chuckle out of that one. :) Keep it up. You do amazing things. :)

  4. This is fantastic - she is so going to treasure this in years to come. And WOW, first time scrapbooker - its amazing.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! She will love this!! How much love, planning, thinking, and gluing went into this! Beautiful! I love the journaling too.