Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I have been up to...

Life has been CrAzY for the last few weeks, Birthdays, Anniversary, Hubby out of town, got my Imagine in the mail,  Trip to the Texas/OU game...and the rest of the month looks just about as busy!

Coming up: Taylor Swift concert this weekend (Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait - I am like on of her 14 yr old groupies! I have had these tickets since April!!!!)

Saturday Swarm in Norman (gonna be a blast!)

Dad is scheduled for surgery - triple angioplasty and not sure if he will need stents or not yet) - interesting that I am not the kid who is going to be with them during the procedure - I have been replaced by the now living closer daughter who doesn't speak to me (can you believe that ANYONE wouldn't like MOI???) ~this is probably a story for a later date...

and finally....drum roll please....a trip with one of my best friends to DISNEYWORLD!!!! We are taking her grandson on his first Disney experience for his 6th birthday (all I am paying for is my food and the ride to and from the airport, I have wonderful friends with lots of "points"!)

I think I am going to need the month of November off from all activity (except Thanksgiving) just to recuperate!

If you wonder what I have been doing here is some of it....

Dads birthday card:

Kens anniversary card

1st Imagine Card:

and now I am working on a lima bean wreath for my mom for her birthday....here is the one I did for my own door....

wondering now if maybe I should blog more often and do one thing at a time.....

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  1. Thanks for the update girly, I've missed talking to you maybe when things slow down a bit, btw I boob you :)