Friday, April 27, 2012

New Stickles Storage

I saw a board the other day while I was at a local scrap store and the owner let me take a photo:

I loved the concept but didn't think it would stand up to my kazillion bottles of stickles - its a tiny ribbon holding the thing up! So I thought, if I could put the board in a frame and hang it on a nail, maybe it would be sturdier.

Here is how mine ended up:

So I cut foam board to match the size of my frame then taped wrapping paper on it. The wrapping paper isn't very cute but I was doing this at midnight and its all I could find in the house. I also ended up having several wrinkles because I didn't have a flat surface.

I put strips of velcro on top of the wrapping paper and it seamed to stick pretty well. I then cut small squares of the other side of the velcro and attached them using scor-tape - which I happened to have and its super sticky....

and it ended up like this!!!

Now I can hang it on the wall right next to my desk and I won't have to cross the room to get them out of the drawer.

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